What's UI4Web?

UI4Web is a Java Script User Interface library, providing widgets common in desktop UIs (such as tables, trees and tabs) to the web developer toolbox in a consistent way. It's based on the great MochiKit Library and tries to follow the same good practices such as 100% documentation coverage and an extensive test suite.

The primary target is the data-centric web application, but with the aid of some some good stylesheets UI4Web is still useful in sites where the look and feel should be somewhat special.

UI4Web plays nice with asynchronous requests (the coolest AJAX part) but it's not in any way tied to them. In fact, UI4W uses only simple JavaScript objects or HTML attributes as the input, making it very flexible.

UI4Web is CDDL licenced. Copy and use it as you want.

UI4Web in action

This is what we have by now:

  • Samples Browser
  • RSS Reader Demo As this application is hosted on SF, you can only add feeds hosted by SF too, otherwise firewall denies the connection. (Example feed: http://sourceforge.net/export/rss2_projnews.php?group_id=141424&rss_fulltext=1 )
Want to see more? Look at the sources on the Subversion Repository for tests and other samples illustrating UI4Web features.


UI4Web 0.5.3: Released on 2006-08-12.

Older Releases.


The docs lives here (development version)

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Help us

You can help this project in many ways:

  • Polish this site.
  • Review/Fix Documentation.
  • Contribute code.
  • Widget styling and theming.

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